We Need a Better Plan!

The city plans to clearcut, bulldoze, and “elevate” more than 60 acres of parkland along the East River, possibly in phases beginning March, 2020. This plan poses serious health and environmental risks to our neighborhood .

We need flood protection, and we also need a healthy community!

While District leader Carlina Rivera and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer hired an engineer/hydrologist from the Dutch company Deltares to evaluate the City’s plan he was unable to conclude with certainty which plan was the best because the City did not share with him important documents that formed the basis of the City’s decision.


The independent report from the consultant hired by Gale Brewer and Carlina Rivera revealed that the City has technical studies, hydraulic and geotechnical field surveys, and a “value engineering report” that they claim justifies their plan to raise East River Park 8-10 feet.

The City refused to share these documents with the consultant or the public!

We believe that all the studies should be released and reviewed before any more approval votes!

What you can do:

Read our letter to Borough President Brewer and Councilmember Rivera here:

Write to the Mayor and demand the release of the reports:


Join Us! All Are Welcome!



Sign our petition demanding the city change the plan at change.org

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East River Park. Photo by Pat Arnow.
East River Park. Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019

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