We Need a Better Plan!

The city plans to close more than 60 acres of parkland along the East River in March 2020 for at least 3 ½ years. They will clearcut, bulldoze, and “elevate” the three miles of shoreline parks–from Montgomery to 23rd St. This plan poses serious health and environmental risks to our neighborhood .

We need flood protection, and we also need a healthy community!

There is a better way forward for flood protection, for our parks, and for our neighborhoods. Our community can work together to make it happen. We insist that the city work with us to change the East Side Coastal Resiliency plan so that we gain:

  • Long-term flood protection that is environmentally sound and will preserve parts of our parks. Right now, we need emergency deployable barriers before hurricane season.
  • Study the option the whole community preferred in 2014 – extend the park over the FDR Drive, which will provide flood protection. This has real potential to make it easier to get to the riverside and reduce air pollution from cars, too!
  • True collaboration with the city to build a resilient coastline for our wonderful park.
  • Upgrading other parks in the East Side Coastal Resiliency area, along with street tree planting and improvement of underutilized and unused spaces for the good of the communities they belong to. We understand that even if much of the park can be preserved with a better flood plan, there will still be construction and some losses of park space for a time. We can’t wait years to have places for kids to play and for bikers, runners, dog walkers, seniors, and picnickers to enjoy. Kids’ teams in our neighborhood need priority for use of fields—during and after construction.

Join Us! All Are Welcome!



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East River Park. Photo by Pat Arnow.
East River Park. Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019

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