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Monarch butterfly caterpillar in East River Park. Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019
A Monarch Butterfly caterpillar growing in East River Park. Monarch populations are thinning, but in our park, there are more and more of them. It will be a real setback if all their habitat is destroyed by the drastic new plan for the park. Pat arnow © 2019.

Join our East River Alliance. Attend our meetings, come to hearings, press conferences, demonstrations, and lobbying efforts. See the Events and Meetings tab for upcoming actions.

We are a wide-open group of picnickers, parents, kids, gardeners, dog owners, runners, walkers, bike riders, people who play sports, and just everyone who loves the vibrant spaces of our parks. We want to create the best plan for the parks and our community. We can make this process of flood protection and park protection work for all of us.

This is a big project! We have created committees to delve into different parts of the project. If you would like to become active with one or more of the committees, you will be welcome. Email for a schedule of meetings.

§  Environmental

Will work on Environmental Impact Statement, storm and rainwater concerns, effects of the park height increase on air quality, noise pollution, heat retention, access to underground electric and gas systems, biology and biodiversity, and regional and neighborhood Impacts

East River Park in Autumn. Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019
East River Park locust trees in autumn. Pat Arnow © 2019

§  Outreach

Will work on informing and involving more people from our community to shape park improvements, publicizing concerns about the plans and our activities to work with the city, developing an online presence, and communicating with people who have become involved already. 

East River Park, New York. Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019
Pat Arnow © 2019

§  Stewardship

Will work on creating and financing a neighborhood-led stewardship program for long-term park protection, support, and services that will equitably provide for the needs of our community, especially those who are marginalized, people of color, and low-income.

Will plan how to maintain preservation of existing natural habitat, especially trees and native species, and to foster biodiversity through development of new habitats.

§  Construction & Mitigation

Will work on plans to improve the ESCR parks in phases to keep sections of the parks open throughout construction. 

Will also work on plans for environmentally sound, sustainable, innovative, aesthetically pleasing improvements that will protect our neighborhood from flooding for generations. 

Will work on planning excellent new and refurbished local alternative parks and recreation facilities for our community before construction begins. These must include playgrounds, ballfields, dog runs, and bike, walking, and running paths. Preferential distribution to our community of permits for playing fields now and in the future must be included in the plan.

East River Park, New York. Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019
Photo by Pat Arnow © 2019

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