Today’s Inspirational Project : BQ Green, Southside Williamsburg, New York

Design by DLANDstudio.

BQGreen will create a “park out of thin air” by extending a concrete platform over a portion of the BQE expressway that runs below the street level in Williamsburg, Brooklyn between S. Third and S. Fifth Streets. BQGreen will integrate Marcy Green and Rodney Park, two existing parks which currently are adjacent to the expressway. The design for the new park calls for 3.5-acres of open space with a flower garden, a playground, a baseball diamond, barbecues, grassy and wooded areas, an indoor pool and a water play zon

With support and vision of City Councilwoman Diana Reyna, DLANDstudio is collaborating with NYCDOT and NYSDOT, NYCDPR and NYCDEP to pursue Federal HUD/DOT community development funding to make the vision a reality.

The project is currently ongoing. Learn more and support the Friends of BQ Green by visiting

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